14 year old girl with some heavy middle school drama.



Alastair Mccabe (@princelepus) (Wouldn't have gotten this far without him, really. Just for everything, they're great)

Olivin Ollie Oscar (Excellent Turtle)

Skylar FishMan Shitmanski (Thanks Father For My Lyfe)

Eli Otto (wants to adopt scarfs, good scarfs Promoting.)

Silas Tiger (has done some good scarfs promo'n, good tiger)

Lucy Kimball (Patron, very good nice person!)

Colin Amos (Patron)

Avery Reed (Patron)

Gage (Patron)

Brandi Robbins (Patron)

Patrick Callahan (Patron)

Connor Kelsay (Patron)

Marcus Figueras (Patron)

Dem (Patron)

Georgia Caldwell (Patron)

Sarah Stevenson (Patron)

Christopher Galbreath (Patron)

Brenden Mccabe (Patron)

Kiwi cat-pun (early reader, great fanart)

Pretty-Cool-Webcomics tumblr (incredible in depth scarfs review despite the comic being in a way earlier stage)

Milk Biscuit (Friendly support, assisted the first model of the scrapped scarfs website.)

And most importantly! All of you! Every reader! All future patrons! This list just contains the patrons who supported the comic before the 2017 launch. Thank you for all your support!