14 year old girl with some heavy middle school drama.


Update on updates

by monkeyking

Hey! Just thought I'd mention to you guys that after I finish a few more panels, you can start expecting updates to roll out on tuesdays unless I say otherwise. Trying to get a steady schedule ot right now isn't easy, so please bare with me. Thanks!

Launch day.

by monkeyking

Heya! If you're reading this, it means SCARFSCOMIC has officially launched to the public. Woo! I'd like to personally thank everyone for supporting the comic and helping it get as far as it's come- we have a long way to go, but I want to make it as worth while as possible. Those of you returning readers definitely know the comic's come a long way just by looking at the art changes alone- and that's something I'm extremely proud of and want to add emphasis to in Scarfs2017. You guys deserve the best content I can put out there. I want to make this story as complete as I possibly can, I care too much about this project to let it flatline into half assed effort. The comic that was on tumblr was a major test for me, but basically came down to two questions: can I make a webcomic, and would people like it and be interested if I got serious about it. I think this kind of shows my answers to that. 

There are a few important things I have to go over. Firstly: There's no solid updating schedule yet. My hand has improved significantly in health, but it's going to take me a helluva long time to do these panels. As of right now, expect a Few-updates-per-month sort of schedule. What days they'll happen on may just Surprise You. It may get more steady in the future as I work out how long these take me exactly and try to work on managing a routine schedule of any sort.

Secondly, please take a look to the Credits link at the bottom of the about page. You'll find the special thanks page there.

Patrons who pledged before the comic's launch are Enshrined on the special thanks, but if you're interested in helping support this comic's continuation, any and all interest in becoming a patron would be highly appreciated! Patrons recieve early access bonuses such as page wips, early updates and art tutorials I'll put out in the future. You can check that out here.

Furthermore, if you're not already, I highly suggest checking out the webcomic's twitter @scarfscomic and giving that a follow. Comic update notifications among other things will be focused there! 

I think that about sums it up for now! Thank you and stay tuned for more! I hope you enjoy the ride. >=)