14 year old girl with some heavy middle school drama.

Scarfs just can't seem to catch a break. As if things weren't bad enough already, now the fate of humanity rests in her hands- but here's the thing: she doesn't know if it's worth saving or not.

This comic is aimed at a M16 audience. Viewer discrection is advised. Content warnings for:

#blood #light gore #death #abuse #unreality #transmisogyny #violence #strong languages #references of suicide 


Monkey / 19 / M

note: i don't answer spoiler or repeating questions 

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contact: scarfscomic@yahoo.com

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   Just a story about two girlfriends on a roadtrip to the Grand Canyon. Updates thursday by Gray Folie.

   Content warnings for suicide and drug use, mentions of abuse etc







Q: When are you updating next?
A: As of right now updates will roll out every Tuesday.
Q: Can I be a colorist/line artist/artist for the comic?
A: My current thoughts on this are, no. refer to this post specifically for more information and alternatives to wanting to help out, but in short, I’m not currently looking for other artists, thank you for your consideration, though! 
Q: why wasn’t my ask/comment answered? (or deleted?)
A: I don’t always answer comments/questions unless they’re reasonable questions or thought provoking commentary – and even then, I won’t answer questions if they involve revealing spoilers.
If you send an ask/comment I deem as innapropriate I will straight up delete it. And alternatively, I don’t answer asks regarding things like mental illness unless it's regarding something I've decided to make clear a character already has. (You can headcanon what you want, but I’m typically not going to confirm or deny anything as canon in this regard due to being the creator and how it could possibly create a negative stigma for the uninformed, for something that already has a negative stigma as it is. but people are free to make personal headcanons how they see fit, IE especially they relate to it etc.)
Q: can i draw fanart?
A: please of course! normally you could put it in the scarfsart or scarfs comic tag on tumblr but if you want your art to show up somewhere specific please use the deviantart group! since tumblr messed up the tagging system it’s almost impossible to find chronologically new posts in tags anymore. 
Q: can i draw NSFW fanart?
A: please see this first.
Q: can i sell fanart (prints, etc)?
A: my current thought on this is, no. i don’t really want other people profiting off of my characters, especially since i’m not that popular. i’d be willing to negotiate some sort of deal, though.
Q: can i use panels as icons/avatars? 
A: yes!  you can use them as you please as long as you give credit! all art by me is free for you to use as an icon without directly asking me, but if it wasnt drawn by me, ask other artists for permission first. you don’t have to ask to use random panels or anything as icons either. just make sure it’s credited!
Q: i want to cosplay but…can I cosplay ____ if i’m not ____?
A: regardless of gender, size, race, you can cosplay whoever you want. cosplaying’s about having fun! Just be respectful about how you do it. (Ie, never do blackface or yellowface) 
Q: can i do/make ___?
A: whatever you’re thinking, my answer is probably going to be yes, whether it be fanart, videos, any fan creation generally as long as you aren’t profiting off my work or not giving credit to the source. (again, i might be up to negotiating some sort of shared profit type-thing, though?)
if you do make something, i’d love to see it, though!
Q: could we have a character reference for ___?
A: whoops! my bad if i havent made one yet, i’ll make one, but you can usually find them going through my art blog.